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Developing & Integrating Strategies
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Increasing Supply
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Typical Assignments

Seber Logistics Consulting is an acknowledged, results-driven leader in supply chain consulting.  We are noted for our ability to create innovative solutions for winning and defending market leadership.  Seber Logistics Consulting applies a multi-disciplined approach for resolving issues and managing change.

The SLC Benchmark Data Base™, comprised of extensive supply chain best practices, provides a solid foundation for quickly identifying and implementing highly effective, pragmatic solutions.  This powerful business intelligence knowledge base has been developed since the 1980s while conducting supply chain consulting projects.  Our clients are leading, best-in-class companies representing a broad spectrum of products, channels and industries.  Our partnerships consistently yield successful results.

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Developing & Integrating Strategies
Developed and implemented a supply chain strategic plan for a leading grocery products manufacturer

Post-acquisition integration of customer service and distribution for a major consumer products company

Modeled and optimized distribution networks for numerous companies in a broad base of industries

Conducted cross business unit reviews resulting in consolidation of redundant and overlapping operations

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Conducted a best practices assessment of order to cash process, cost to serve, and pricing/service strategies for a global confectionery company

Performed a competitive evaluation of customer pick-up program for a leading healthcare products company

Guided CPG companies in structuring competitive bracket-pricing and logistics efficiency programs
Conducted annual customer interface benchmark study that evaluates performance, policies, practices, and programs

Increasing Supply Chain Value & Efficiency

Integrated Value Chain activities and optimized organizational responsibilities
Reengineered demand and supply processes to reduce inventory and improve product supply reliability
Developed an optimized global sourcing and conversion strategy for agricultural products

Driving Manufacturing Savings

Conducted Trade Customization reviews -- applied lean principles to product pack out and display assembly operations to reduce costs and cycle times, as well as increase productivity, yield, and service levels
Streamlined manufacturing and distribution facility layouts, to improve the flow of materials, and reduce costs
Developed make vs. buy analysis tool to facilitate lowest cost sourcing and production options

Enhancing Fulfillment Operations

Executed numerous RFP's to select 3PL warehouses
Guided negotiations for a performance-based contract between a 3PL provider and our client
Conducted warehouse best practices assessments that improved costs, efficiency, product flow, and layout
Evaluated 3rd party warehouse rates, service capabilities, and performance for specific markets
Developed warehouse control tower and dashboard requirements to provide insight into operations and performance

Improving Delivery Effectiveness

Conducted transportation best practices assessments that improved costs, shipments planning and capacity
Reviewed accessorials and delivery compliance fines, and eliminated artificial customer logistics charges, as well as unplanned transportation expenses
Designed a temperature controlled delivery service network that enhanced product quality to the customer
Evaluated customer pick-up rates, policies and practices to develop an effective and competitive program for our client
Created an outsourced Direct Store Delivery network to meet new product delivery requirements


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