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Since the 1980s, our staff members have developed and conducted benchmarking programs for top Fortune companies. We understand the level of detail necessary to ensure a complete, thorough, and reliable fact-based study is conducted.

Custom Benchmark Study

Companies frequently require specific strategic or operational benchmark insight to assess their capabilities, and develop sustainable supply chains that respond to global market volatility.  Seber Logistics Consulting understands that clients’ supply chains operate in a dynamic environment with priorities and issues that are constantly changing.

In addition to our regular benchmark studies, Seber Logistics Consulting provides insight into other quantitative or qualitative areas through custom benchmark surveys.  Seber Logistics Consulting collaborates with clients to develop benchmark studies that are custom-tailored to meet specific business intelligence needs.  We leverage our long-term relationships with leading best-in-class companies in various industries to secure participation of appropriate companies for the targeted areas.

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