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Accessorial & Delivery Compliance Reviews

The rising epidemic of accessorial charges and customer deductions/penalties are reducing profitability through unplanned or artificial customer logistics and transportation expenses.  Accessorial & Delivery Compliance Reviews enable clients to uncover hidden opportunities for eliminating unnecessary margin-eroding charges.  Seber Logistics Consulting develops pragmatic, winning strategies to avoid common issues associated with navigating today’s customer logistics environment.

To enhance the overall customer logistics experience, Seber Logistics Consulting focuses on eliminating non-value-adding activities, as well as the drivers of service failures.  Our diagnostic toolkit provides quantitative fact-based insight that identifies abnormal accessorial charges and customer deductions/penalties.  By leveraging our best practices business intelligence knowledge base, Seber Logistics Consulting identifies which business activities and practices cause performance issues.  We collaboratively develop tailored strategies to transform supply chain operations, prevent logistics execution failures, and improve margins.

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