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“Conducting a display assembly best practices assessment with Seber Logistics Consulting provided us with a comprehensive evaluation of our product customization and pack-out operations. Their knowledge of best practices provided the foundation for developing solutions that yielded massive cost reductions and game-changing service improvements. As a result, we were able to streamline our operations and eliminate service failures.”

Peter Schmidt
Vice President, Supply Chain
Fuji U.S.A.

Display & Product Pack-out
Best Practices Assessment

POP Customization activities represent a cost of over $14 billion per year within the CPG market -- growing at an annual rate of over 3%.  Customization business processes have a significant impact on your profitability, service levels, and customer satisfaction.  Improving overall productivity and maximizing resource effectiveness is essential to every company’s survival.

Seber Logistics Consulting’s approach is designed to leverage your team’s knowledge of their current display assembly and product pack-out operations with Seber Logistics Consulting’s Supply Chain and Benchmarking expertise.  The depth and breadth of Seber Logistics Consulting's Display & Product Pack-out Best Practices Assessment can be customized and scaled to meet your company's unique goals and objectives.  Coupled with the extensive best practices in the SLC Benchmark Data Base™, our consultants’ extensive hands-on supply chain experience enables us to efficiently and effectively develop an in-depth understanding of your operations to help you achieve sustainable solutions.

The project’s approach is typically comprised of 4 major stages:

Service Offerings
Display Best Practices Assessment
Operations Strategy & Lean Solutions
Post-Merger & Acquisition Integration
Trade Customization Benchmark Study

The strategies and tactics that Seber Logistics Consulting develops provides clients with the infrastructure required to build and deliver promotional displays in an efficient and cost effective manner and support future growth.

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