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“We needed to integrate a new acquisition quickly. Seber Logistics Consulting understood our business so well they were able to easily assist us in this effort.  Then they proceeded to help us develop our entire supply chain strategy and network model in record time. Seber Logistics Consulting was a world-class partner.”

Diane Dietz
Vice President, Corporate
Planning & Logistics

Post-Merger & Acquisition Integration

Successful post acquisition integrations are realized through a well planned approach and clear strategic objectives.  No two situations are the same -- each has its own set of issues and solutions.  The process is never easy, and if not properly performed, shareholder, customer and employee value can be destroyed.  Top performing companies manage acquisition integration as a mission-critical process.

Integrating all components of the organization’s value chain requires aligning strategy, people, operations and technology.  Capturing planned synergies begins with the development of a pre-close strategy.  This ensures the retention of key staff and the company’s collective knowledge-base.

Seber Logistics Consulting’s approach to business integration is objective and factual.  It provides clients with a flexible integration framework based on a structured and disciplined approach.  Our comprehensive toolkit enables clients to rapidly define clear strategic objectives, develop detailed implementation plans and monitor progress.  This proven approach ensures successful seamless integration and delivers planned synergies with measurable financial results.

Typically there are two phases to the integration process.  The immediate interval focuses on the first 100 days as well as accomplishing key transition tasks associated with the post-close.  Phase two entails an extended transformation period in which a fully integrated entity emerges.

Each situation is unique. Initiatives may include:
Go to Market Strategy

Human Resources


Finance & Technology

Service Offerings
Display Best Practices Assessment
Operations Strategy & Lean Solutions
Post-Merger & Acquisition Integration
Trade Customization Benchmark Study

Seber Logistics Consulting’s integration team has broad and varied experience in many types of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and alliances. We are experienced practitioners and have successful integration experience with some of the largest and most complex combinations.


Executive Overviews
Supply Chain Improvement
Business Integration
Network Modeling
Best Practices Assessment
Warehouse Best Practices
Strategic Planning
Transportation Share Group

Benchmark Studies
Customer Interface Benchmark
Trade Customization Benchmark
Distribution Benchmark

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