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Seber Logistics Consulting is a supply chain management consulting firm. Our services cover all aspects of supply chain management, operations, logistics and business analytics. Our practice areas assist clients with developing strategies and tactics through successful implementation.

Our clients approach the challenges of the future with confidence.  Seber Logistics Consulting's customized supply chain strategies enable them to profitably meet growth objectives and customer requirements.

We provide innovative solutions that are fueled with the power of strategic, tactical and best-in-class benchmark information.  Our services furnish every Seber Logistics Consulting client with significant advantages over current and future competitors.

Seber Logistics Consulting assists clients with services including:


Executive Overviews
Supply Chain Improvement
Business Integration
Network Modeling
Best Practices Assessment
Warehouse Best Practices
Strategic Planning
Transportation Share Group

Benchmark Studies
Customer Interface Benchmark
Trade Customization Benchmark
Distribution Benchmark

“By leveraging the SLC Benchmark Data Base™, we accelerate the development of innovative Supply Chain solutions.  This enables us to have a unique advantage over our competitors, and deliver proven solutions to our clients.”

James J. Seber
President & CEO
Seber Logistics Consulting, Inc.

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