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“Conducting a Supply Chain Network Optimization Modeling Analysis with
Seber Logistics Consulting provided us with clear insight into our future needs and direction. The process defined the steps we needed to take in order to optimize our Supply Chain, as well as enhance customer satisfaction and realize significant cost reductions.”

Gerard Cantwell
Vice President,
Global Supply Chain
Alcoa Consumer Products

Supply Chain Design & Optimization

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Seber Logistics Consulting uses innovative supply chain design technology for modeling and optimizing our clients’ total supply chain.  By optimizing end-to-end product supply networks (from suppliers to customers), we test sensitivities, and strike a balance between total cost, service, and inventory.

Typical end-to-end network optimization strategies addressed by Seber Logistics Consulting include:
Sourcing strategies for suppliers, co-packers, and manufacturing plants

Multi-echelon distribution network – where to serve which customers from

Warehousing handling and facility costs vs. transportation costs

Inventory carrying costs
Changes in customer demand, ordering, and fulfillment requirements
Acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures
Service levels/cycle times
Capacity requirements – Greenfield analysis
Carbon footprint

Service Offerings
Supply Chain Strategy & Planning
Supply Chain Design & Optimization
Supply Chain Best Practice Solutions

“...the implications of supply chain network decisions can mean the difference between spending or saving millions of dollars.”


Executive Overviews
Supply Chain Improvement
Business Integration
Network Modeling
Best Practices Assessment
Warehouse Best Practices
Strategic Planning
Transportation Share Group

Benchmark Studies
Customer Interface Benchmark
Trade Customization Benchmark
Distribution Benchmark

Over the past few decades, not all clients needed to conduct a rigorous optimization of their supply chains using sophisticated modeling software.  Based on different client constraints (e.g., budget, data availability, timeframe), Seber Logistics Consulting has used alternative modeling approaches to deliver tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique requirements.

Seber Logistics Consulting has conducted less complex modeling assignments for clients using techniques including:
Center of gravity location planning

Demand cluster pinning/mapping

Trade-off analysis

Regional fulfillment location strategy

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