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“Assessing our performance with
Seber Logistics Consulting  provides Johnson & Johnson with clear insight into our current executional performance as well as future issues that will help drive our customer support strategies.”

Scott Zellner
Vice President, Operations
Johnson & Johnson

Supply Chain Management

Seber Logistics Consulting is recognized for its expertise in Supply Chain Management Consulting.  Our specialists provide professional counsel and hands-on supply chain experience that deliver strategic insights, operational excellence and powerful, tangible game-changing results.

Seber Logistics Consulting shares your sense of urgency and need for high-value flexible solutions.  Our mission is to provide innovative, practical and customized supply chain solutions for our clients.  We succeed by implementing best practice supply chain solutions extracted from the SLC Benchmark Data Base™.   Since the 1980s, we have compiled a powerful knowledge base while conducting supply chain consulting projects with leading, best-in-class companies.  It provides a solid foundation for quickly identifying and implementing highly effective, pragmatic solutions that transform supply chains.

Our superior supply chain consulting services consistently exceed clients’ expectations.  We collaborate with your team to develop and apply world-class strategies and tactics that deliver powerful insights and tangible results.  Clients turn to us for supply chain recommendations that work.  Our services help companies think beyond traditional boundaries.  The strategic options that we develop have consistently advanced our clients’ corporate and organizational goals.

Service Offerings
Supply Chain Strategy & Planning
Supply Chain Design & Optimization
Supply Chain Best Practice Solutions

Through time-tested best practices and comprehensive consulting experience, we have developed supply chain solutions that yield a legacy of measurable results.


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Benchmark Studies
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