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3PL Advisory Services

Representative examples of Seber Logistics Consulting's 3PL services include:

3PL RFP & Selection  Seber Logistics Consulting’s typical 3PL selection assignments focus on identifying and recommending Third Party Providers that can successfully provide service and operating requirements in a cost effective manner.  We leverage Seber Logistics Consulting‘s 3PL selection toolkit, and prepare custom bid packages that include RFP response templates.  Bid responses are then analyzed using Seber Logistics Consulting’s 3PL RFP analysis model to insure vendor selection is fact based using established criteria and weightings.  This enables the team to assess costs, staffing and other critical criteria.

3PL Contract Review & Drafting  Seber Logistics Consulting assists clients with assessing both existing and proposed draft 3PL contracts.  Through our work in various industries, Seber Logistics Consulting has compiled a vast 3PL contract business intelligence knowledge base.  We are able to quickly identify key 3PL contract enhancements including: KPIs, fines/penalties, trigger points, and other contract arrangements that best suit your needs.

3PL Best Practices Audit  Conducting a comprehensive 3PL best practices audit with Seber Logistics Consulting provides clients with clear insight into current 3PL performance.  We leverage our extensive knowledge of best practices and KPIs (from the SLC Benchmark Data Base™), and identify improvement solutions that drive lower costs as well as eliminate service failures.  We deliver proven solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and realize significant cost reductions.

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3PL Advisory Services
3PL RFP & Selection
3PL Contract Reviews
3PL Best Practices Audit
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