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For additional insights on Seber Logistics Consulting’s upcoming Warehouse Share Group meeting, contact us at 609.688.1000, or request information.

Warehouse Share Group

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The Seber Logistics Consulting Warehouse Share Group provides participants with exceptional insight into best practices and leading warehouse trends.  The Share Group provides an open discussion forum for collaboratively discussing effective and innovative warehouse practices.  This enables companies to leverage proven “real world” techniques of Share Group partners.

Discuss warehouse challenges and practices with fellow industry leaders.

Topics and issues addressed by the Warehouse Share Group are determined by the group’s members.  All members are actively engaged and come prepared to freely discuss and share their perspective on challenges, opportunities, successes and pitfalls.  After the meeting, Seber Logistics Consulting prepares meeting notes that detail Share Group participant discussion points for each topic.

Share Group benefits include:
Share Group members build an agenda that covers a wide range of today’s relevant topics

New ideas get generated as all Share Group members contribute to open discussion

Creates an awareness of how other Share Group members manage their warehouse operations

Broadens thinking beyond day-to-day responsibilities
Offers successful warehouse processes created for real world implementations
Meeting notes of discussion points for each topic
Networking receptions/dinners
Share Group members can participate in focused e-benchmarking surveys on key topics of interest

Service Offerings
Warehouse Best Practices Assessment
Warehouse Layout & Design
Material Handling & Storage Solutions
Warehouse Dashboard & Control Tower
Share Group
3PL Advisory Services
3PL RFP & Selection
3PL Contract Reviews
3PL Best Practices Audit
Benchmark Study


Executive Overviews
Supply Chain Improvement
Business Integration
Network Modeling
Best Practices Assessment
Warehouse Best Practices
Strategic Planning
Transportation Share Group

Benchmark Studies
Customer Interface Benchmark
Trade Customization Benchmark
Distribution Benchmark

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